Kristen Baslee's e-Portfolio

Spring 2011

SLIS 289

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Welcome to Kristen Baslee's e-Portfolio

This e-Portfolio was created to demonstrate my understanding of the School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) Core Competencies. These competencies cover the professional requirements for the Library and Information Science field and were obtained from over three years of study in the San Jose State's Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) program. In the links above you will find a list of the Core Competencies. For each competency, I have written an explanation of how I understand to have mastered that competency and provided examples of my work to support that mastery. These examples come from years of personal and professional work in the field of Library and Information Science.

The goal of this e-Portfolio is not to merely summarize the work I have completed in this field, but to provide insight into how these Core Competencies reflect on the industry as a whole. My portfolio of work serves as a testament to my grasp of the Core Competencies and this website provides me the opportunity to collectively share this experience with others.

The process of creating this e-Portfolio was long and methodical. I started by compiling all my evidenciary examples and moving these examples into folders representing each compentency on my computer. Starting from the compentencies I was most confident in, I developed statements to reference my understanding of the competency, its relevance to my professional development, and summarizing my evidence.

Much of my evidence was converted into PDF files for ease of download and reading. This includes Microsoft Word documents and Powerpoint presentations. When additional software may be needed to view evidence (such as Quicktime) I have noted this in the evidence title. My goal was to make this evidence as accessible as possible to the reader and reviewer.

The examples I have provided are not necessarily a reflection of my best accomplishments. I have learned over the course of my studies at SJSU that learning never stops. My understanding of the Core Competencies is always changing and evolving. Some examples I have provided will prove that my approach to certain concepts has, and will continue to grow as time progresses.

I hope you enjoy reading and learning about my experiences in SLIS!



All introductory, reflective, and evidenciary work submitted is from me and me alone (except where indicated as a group or team project) and has been prepared solely by me.

I have respected the privacy of others by removing mention in this e-Portfolio of information that could lead to the disclosure of the identity of students or employers, and I have made good effort to obtain permission from all group members for group projects submitted as evidence.